Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Construction
Property Type: Fully-entitled 7-story mixed-use development

University Gateway / Las Vegas

Location: Kauai
Purpose: Acquisition
Property Type: 9.6-acre site, fully entitled for development of fractional share resort

Timbers / Kauai

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Purpose: Predevelopment
Property Type: Residential Lots

Righetti Ranch / San Luis Obispo

Location: SeaTac, WA
Purpose: Refinance
Property Type: Office / Land

Weyerhaeuser Campus / SeaTac

Location: Sacramento, CA
Purpose: Refinance
Property Type: Industrial / Land

Metro Air Park / Sacramento

Location: Napa, CA
Purpose: Acquisition
Property Type: Land consisting of four distinct parcels

Aetna Springs / Napa

Location: Columbus, GA & Little Rock, AR
Purpose: Acquisition and renovation
Property Type: Three property multifamily portfolio

Workforce Multifamily Portfolio

Location: La Quinta, CA
Purpose: Construction
Property Type: Hotel, Residential and Golf Course

Montage & Pendry / Coachella