This is the essence of all that Mosaic stands for and informs
all that we do. We are committed to treating every single individual
with the utmost respect.
Strive to protect investors’ principal, and their purchasing power.
We aim to achieve this by investing in viable and well-located real estate
projects, with the staying power to ride out economic downturns.
MOSAIC PRINCIPLES Principal Preservation
Focus on markets and opportunities where there is an unmet
financing need and a disconnect between perceived and real risk.
Invest in opportunities where the cash flow is predictable
rather than speculative, and be cognizant of the deleterious
effects of inflation when designing investment strategies.
MOSAIC PRINCIPLES Seek Predictable Cash Flow
Operate within fee and fund structures that best align
the interests of the manager with those of investors,
thereby serving investors’ best interests at all times.
MOSAIC PRINCIPLES Alignment of Interest
Educate and inform investors as to the macroeconomic
basis for all investment strategies and offer ongoing
updates in a transparent manner.
MOSAIC PRINCIPLES Investor Empowerment Through
Education and Transparency
Invest great energy to stay informed about a volatile global
economy and uncertain regulatory climate in order to establish
research based investment strategies to best capitalize on these trends.
MOSAIC PRINCIPLES Pay Careful Attention To Global
Macro and Financial Industry Regulation
Maintain a commitment to operating in a
streamlined and non-bureaucratic manner.




Repeat Business





190 Years


For Investors

Alignment of Interests

MREC seeks to align investor and manager interests through its fund structure. MREC’s 0/25 fee structure means that MREC does not collect a management fee based upon AUM and is entirely driven by performance. MREC gets paid only when the Investor succeeds. Additionally, MREC’s open-ended fund structure provides Investors with a liquidity feature and regular distributions.

Avoid Competition

MREC’s broad opportunistic mandate to invest across all debt products secured by U.S. real estate allows it to continuously identify unique opportunities, avoid overcrowded markets, all the while seeking above market risk-adjusted returns.

Downside Protection

As a debt fund with inherently limited upside potential, MREC is highly focused on preserving principal value. MREC seeks to originate and structure investments which minimize the vulnerability to economic downturns by carrying out in-depth initial due diligence, structuring strong protective covenants, performing hands-on asset management, and working with experienced sponsors with successful track records.


MREC is committed to complete transparency through clear, thorough and frequent communication with our Investors, including quarterly letters and webinars, and day-to-day responsiveness.

For Borrowers


MREC understands that time is critical in closing a deal. In communicating with borrowers and brokers, our investment team is highly responsive and provides clear and open communication from the outset through a transaction’s maturity.

Certainty of Close

MREC’s origination team has been providing certainty of execution to the real estate community for three decades and understands the immense value of doing so.

Property Type and Structure Agnostic

As an opportunistic investor dedicated to meeting each transaction’s unique needs, MREC will consider the full spectrum of real estate property types throughout the United States and numerous forms of investment structure.

Borrower Relationships

MREC works closely with borrowers to solve for their unique needs.



Macro Economic Advisor

James Rickards
Macroeconomic & Geopolitical Advisor

Chief Global Strategist and Portfolio Manager at the west Shore group. LLC, focusing primarily on alternative investing, macroeconomic trends, and global monetary policy. Author of The New Case for Gold (April 2016), and two New York Times best sellers, the Death of Money (2014), and Currency Wars (20111). A former portfolio manager, lawyer, and economist, he has held senior positions at Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management, and Caxton Associates. In 1998, he was the principal negotiator of the rescue of LTCM sponsored by the Federal Reserve. His Clients include institutional investors and government directorates.

Real Estate Advisory Board

Joyce Storm
Retail Advisor

Principal at Wheelock Street Capital with over 29 years of retail experience. Former EVP of Real Estate and Development for Sony Theaters, advised Anschutz Entertainment group and Woolworths on significant restructuring engagements, led leasing at New England Development group, and spent over a decade with the Taubman Company. Has been involved in the acquisition or divestiture of over $3B of retail and has leased, developed or repositions over 40mm square feet

David Gold
Multifamily & manufactured Housing Advisor

CEO of Inspire Communities with over 30 years of institutional experience owning, financing, and investing in domestic and international commercial real estate.

Howard Stern
Office Advisor

Over 25 years of relevant real estate experience. Former President of Hudson Pacific Properties (NYSE: HPP) and former CIO of Arden realty (Former NYSE:ARI) responsible for large West Coast office and creative office portfolios.

Daniel Lesser
Hospitality Advisor

Over 30 years of real estate experience, with particular specialization in hospitality. Former founder and Senior Managing Director – Industry Leader of Hospitality & Gaming Valuation Services group at CBRE and founder of the Hospitality and Gaming Group at Cushman & Wakefield.