Repeat Business





190 Years


For Investors

Alignment of Interests

MREC seeks to align investor and manager interests through its fund structure. MREC’s 0/25 fee structure means that MREC does not collect a management fee based upon AUM and is entirely driven by performance. MREC gets paid only when the Investor succeeds. Additionally, MREC’s open-ended fund structure provides Investors with a liquidity feature and regular distributions.

Avoid Competition

MREC’s broad opportunistic mandate to invest across all debt products secured by U.S. real estate allows it to continuously identify unique opportunities, avoid overcrowded markets, all the while seeking above market risk-adjusted returns.

Downside Protection

As a debt fund with inherently limited upside potential, MREC is highly focused on preserving principal value. MREC seeks to originate and structure investments which minimize the vulnerability to economic downturns by carrying out in-depth initial due diligence, structuring strong protective covenants, performing hands-on asset management, and working with experienced sponsors with successful track records.


MREC is committed to complete transparency through clear, thorough and frequent communication with our Investors, including quarterly letters and webinars, and day-to-day responsiveness.

For Borrowers


MREC understands that time is critical in closing a deal. In communicating with borrowers and brokers, our investment team is highly responsive and provides clear and open communication from the outset through a transaction’s maturity.

Certainty of Close

MREC’s origination team has been providing certainty of execution to the real estate community for three decades and understands the immense value of doing so.

Property Type and Structure Agnostic

As an opportunistic investor dedicated to meeting each transaction’s unique needs, MREC will consider the full spectrum of real estate property types throughout the United States and numerous forms of investment structure.

Borrower Relationships

MREC works closely with borrowers to solve for their unique needs.