Webinar: Capital Markets and the Future of Tax-Advantaged CRE

Ethan Penner joins Elizabeth Baker, Senior Event Producer at Bisnow along with Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research, CBRE to discuss how to best invest in today’s volatile capital markets, as well as their predictions and outlook on the year to come. From an economic cycle disrupted to a new administration, our speakers are ready to point you to the hottest asset classes and incentives to make a profit and long-term investment in.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Navigating capital: private debt, public debt, private equity and public equity. Which types of capital financing should you use and how can you access it?
  • Non-bank and CRE CLO lending: How should we be thinking about CRE CLOs and other alternatives given where we are in the business cycle?
  • What asset classes are ripe for investment, and how you can invest in the short and long term
  • Distressed assets: worth the splurge, or a long-term risk
  • Is there an imbalance between the amount of capital chasing deals and the number of properties available on the market?
  • A CMBS and CRE outlook on the Biden administration