Cash Flow Connections – Uncharted Territory

“Should you be investing as if interest rates are about to bounce back to 7%? Historically speaking, how does the current lending environment compare to cycles of the past? How can politicians’ incentives impact your portfolio and investment strategy? Today, we are joined by Ethen Penner, Founder and President of Mosaic to answer some of these questions and more. Ethan is a legend in the real estate and finance space due to his 35 years in the industry spent successfully identifying and responding to unseen or poorly understood opportunities. Most notably, he is credited with being the primary driver in the creation of the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities market while at Nomura Securities, for which he received broad recognition including being named one of the U.S. Real Estate Industry’s 100 icons of the 20th century. He is currently focused on providing financing for construction projects but has an extensive background in virtually every type of real estate transaction that exists. In the interview, Ethan shares with us several unique perspectives, as well as a few key suggestions for young real estate entrepreneurs.”